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SINO DRO SDS6-2V --- Digital Readout
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SINO DRO SDS6-2V --- Digital Readout
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  • 2011-04-15
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Brief Description
We are the manufactory. The DRO SDS6-2V is a Multifunctional 2 axis digital readout for all kinds of machines.
Product Attributes
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    Guangdong China (Mainland)
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    two axis
Detailed Description

We have an absolute outstanding and unique service. Usually there is always a time problem if there is any case of warranty and it take usually some weeks until your customer can get a replacement. Together with our partner in Europe, we are able to supply a necessary replacement or spare parts usually within 24 hours (for machines located in Europe). Your customers will be satisfied and you have no problems, no work, no headache and in a case of warranty significant reduced cost.


The DRO SDS6-2V is a Multifunctional 2 axis digital readout. It can adapt the different needs of machining by modifying the system parameters. It has many graphics machining functions, such as: Arc Calculation function, circular equally dividing holes, drilling hole along an oblique line, Angular Surface Processing, Calculation function, Measurement for Taper Function, Digital Filter Function. These functions bring the easiness for the graphics function. The available input frequency of DRO is up to 5MHZ with A/B, it is also advanced in the world, and it's the first manufactory who employs 16 and 32 bits calculator in DRO system in China. 


Basic Functions

200 Points Auxiliary Zero Position Function

Mid-split Function

"mm/inch" Conversion Display

Radius/Diameter Switch Display

Segmented Error Compensation

Linear Error Compensation

Power Interruption Memory

Sleep Switch

Mathematics calculation

RS-232-C ineterface (option)



Machining Functions

PCD circumferential division (Applicable to milling machine and spark tester)

Involute chamber machining function (Applicable to milling machine)

Bevel machining/Angular Surface Processing (Applicable to milling machine)

N3 function (Applicable to milling machine)

Diagonal boring (Applicable to milling machine)

R-arc function (Applicable to milling machine)


Taper measuring function (Applicable to lathe)

200-tool library (Applicable to lathe)


Anti-dithering function (Applicable to grinding machine)